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Step-by-Step Procedure of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Cleaners LondonDry cleaning can be the best option for every type of carpet. This carpet cleaning process does not involve the use of liquid-based solutions. Therefore, the small fibers making up your carpet are protected enough. This can also remove the moisture, which can be very damaging for the carpet.

Only powder-based solutions and solvents are used for dry cleaning. You may think that this is an unbelievable way to clean a big carpet. Know the step-by-step procedure first and you’ll be convinced that dry cleaning is a good way to effectively clean your carpet.

Carpet ProtectionSimple Reminders before Dry Carpet Cleaning

Preparing the carpet before dry cleaning will help the process become more effective. Cleaning will be faster as well. Here are the things you can do, or perhaps, the professionals will do, before dry cleaning your carpet:

1. Scan the carpet for any solid chunks on the surface. Although these can be removed from the carpet through dry cleaning, the solutions that will be used for it might have difficulty. It might even cause further destructions on your carpet.

2. Manually remove solid dirt on the carpet. These are those dry residues from spilt liquids.

3. The carpet should be as dry as possible before the dry cleaning. This can be done through using swab cottons to absorb the liquid trapped in the carpet. The liquid can also affect the quality of dry cleaning.

4. Remove more stain as possible. Stains removed through dry cleaning might instead destroy your carpet. Of course, not all stains can be removed manually. Just remove the stains you can remove to prevent further destructions on your carpet.

After these steps, your carpet is certainly ready for the real dry cleaning process.

1. The solvent is applied on the carpet. This solvent is usually sprinkled on carpets while there are some that are sprayed.

2. The solvent is evenly spread over the carpet using a brush. It will start from the surface until it reaches the base.

3. The carpet will be left that way for about half an hour. This will give time for the solvent to work well. The time needed can be shorter or longer, depending on the carpet’s materials or brand.

4. The solvent will attract the dirt and dissolve them. This way, the dirt can be easily vacuumed out of the carpet’s small holes.

5. Vacuuming to remove the dirt and the solvent from the carpet.

After that, your carpet is clean as brand new. You can also try other methods to clean your carpet. But compared with other popular choices, dry cleaning can prevent more damages on your carpet, making it your best choice for whatever carpet types.

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Wellcome to 0800 Carpet cleaning - professional cleaning company in London

Carpet Cleaning

0800CarpetCleaning.co.uk is a professional carpet cleaning specialists. All our cleaning technicians have many years experience in all sorts of cleaning. We provide high quality professional carpet cleaning London service to residential and business customers within the M25 area in London.

Upholstery, mattress, sofa, curtain cleaners London

House CleaningAll our professionally trained cleaning
technicians use our professional state of the art cleaning equipment. We constantly update our cleaning methods, and equipment to guarantee best results for all our customers.

All our machines are top of the line 400 psi steam and hot water extraction machines which would spray a steam containing a shampoo-like chemical into the carpet and then extract approximately 95% of the moisture from the carpet, fallowing that the carpets should take 2-3 hours to dry.

Our carpet cleaning service include:

  • Cleaning company in London moving of furniture and other items obstructing our ability to give an optimal clean (without reason)
  • pre treating of any stains, dirty patches and high traffic areas
  • De-odourising of cleaned areas
  • Using driers if drying process needs to be minimised
  • We offer dry cleaning services for curtains and upholstery
  • We offer dry cleaning for office carpets

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Bedroom 22
Lounge 26
Dining room 26
Staircase 21
Hallway 12
Large rug 24
Two seated sofa 24
Three seated sofa 36
Armchair 16
Full length pair of curtains 29
Double mattress 17
*All prices include VAT at 15%. A 50.00 pounds minimum charge applies.

Prevent Problems from Occurring When Cleaning Carpets

Carpet CleanerSeveral problems can arise when cleaning carpets. This is why you need to be aware on the important pointers of do's and don'ts when cleaning carpets to avoid the possible damage that may be caused by your lack of awareness. Follow the succeeding discussion for you to know the important pointers to note when cleaning your carpets.

Primarily, many people are actually not advised to clean their own carpets. This is because many carpets are hand made and are finished from different parts of the world where crucial methods are applied. Now, failing to clean these carpets the right way will shrink and discolor them. That will be unlikely!

Although, it is also true that there are some carpets out there that is fine for you to clean by yourself. But if your carpet is Sisal specifically, you need to have it cleaned by the professional hands. Believe it or not, even the professionals are careful to accept in cleaning such carpet because failing to clean it in the proper way will surely cause some damage.

You should be aware that cleaning carpets are too delicate in nature. Like for instance, simple over-wetting of the carpet can cause two severe problems-browning and shrinkage. These usually happen when water goes into the backing of the carpet. Once a carpet dried from the bottom up, it normally obtain jute in the backing; hence, creating different shades on the carpet that sometimes cause yellowish and brown stains. On the other hand, shrinkage occurs when the water goes to the backing of the carpet and as soon as it dries-up the backing of the carpet can become tight.

To avoid any damage on the carpet, some professionals suggest to people who do the cleaning by their own efforts to cove over their rugs and allow them to dry up until they are totally clean. Also, before you start cleaning your carpets make sure that they are on the gripper to hold them in place.

There are also some people who pull up the carpet around the edge to smear the skirting or based board of it. It will be helpful if you are going to follow this as well because this will release the tension that the fitter places into the carpet. And this tension will stop the carpet from becoming wrinkled and appear like the waves at the sea.

As well, don't forget to remove any metal items you place over your carpet like light stands and tables while the carpet is not yet totally dry. Doing so might cause rust marks on your items, which will only be resolved by professional hands.

Getting to Know the Different Carpet Cleaning Machines

When it comes to getting the perfect solution to your carpet cleaning needs, nothing beats having your own tools easily available inside your home. Although you can always opt to have them within reach when you get the services of a cleaning professional, eventually you would have to learn how to do things on your own too. You cannot forever rely on what your professional cleaner can do for you.
Learn to explore the many different types of carpet cleaning devices you can use. Cleaning machines exist in many different variants which have their own features to boot. Some of these tools that you may want to consider getting are the following:
Vacuum – This is perhaps that most common type of carpet cleaning machine. This can also be found easily just about anywhere. They can be easily spotted in various appliance stores. The great thing about vacuum cleaners is that they are easy to operate and they are one of the most familiar appliances in the home.
Spotters – These are smaller versions of vacuums which are useful for cleaning stains and dirt right on the spot or as soon as they happen. These devices often come with a brush that rotates right at the end of it. However, it is important that you take note of your carpet’s fabric first before you purchase this tool.
Extractor – To make sure that you also clean the depths of your carpet, it is important to use a carpet extractor. This toll works by using a vacuum machine too, only that its edge will be replaced with the extractor. The extractor can penetrate deep between the fibers of your carpet.
Steam Cleaner – This can provide an all in one solution for your carpet cleaning needs. However, it entails a long process to use and you might also need to pair it up with some chemicals before you can fully use it. But the great thing about a steam cleaner is that it really targets the killing of bacteria right on your carpet and deep within it.
When buying either of these carpet cleaning mechanisms, just make sure you have a clear budget range in mind. The last thing you wanted to do is go overboard with your purchases. You should understand that these equipments may cost you a lot and may not be that easy to pay for. Consider them an investment that you are about to make.

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